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 Samer Khoury
Samer Khoury
Consolidated Contractors Company
 Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart
Managing Director
Atkins Global
 Philippe Dessoy
Philippe Dessoy
General Manager Middle East
Six Construct
 Mark Fenwick
Mark Fenwick
RFA Irribarren Architects
 Yusuf Ackayoglu
Yusuf Ackayoglu
Middle East Director
Tav Construction

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Devising a strategic plan to deliver Qatar’s projects to the highest sustainability standards

Since the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar in 2010, the country has witnessed an unprecedented boom in construction. As well as the planning of new stadia and mixed usage mega projects, there has been a great emphasis placed on developing the country’s infrastructure. A new international airport, sea ports, rail and road projects are all in development and it is estimated that contracts of over US $100 billion are yet to be tendered. This boom in construction will undoubtedly present great opportunities as well as new challenges to the contractors that are tasked with delivering these projects. In light of this the Qatar Contractors Forum will be held on 7-8 of October 2013 and will bring together those decision makers that will shape the country’s future landscape, identify the potential issues that contractors are likely to face and will formulate strategies and find solutions that will assist in overcoming these problems.

Key topics to be discussed:

  • Analysing the current infrastructure requirements to support the projected increase of developments
  • Understanding the timelines for the delivery of projects to effectively manage developers’ expectations
  • Utilising technology to assist project management and minimise delays
  • Detailing the LEED standards and ensuring that projects are awarded the highest certification levels

Benefits of attending:

  • Hearing from the decision makers about their challenges and their strategies for overcoming them
  • Learning what techniques are being employed to reduce time delays on projects and minimising penalty payments
  • Getting an insight to the new projects that are being developed to maximise your business development capabilities
  • Developing relationships with the international contractors that are working on Qatars major projects

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